The Secret to a Stand Out Signature Look

How is it that the most successful people tend to look the most put together? Well, it is all about the perspective, the strategy. Just like using accessories to complement and complete an outfit, supporting elements (accessories) can complement and complete your blog. 

Think about it, your blog is your outfit and each social media platform acts as an accessory.

Party Fashion Inspired by Downton Abbey

Here at Alt we love themed parties. The interpretations are endless and we enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity. With this year’s Downton Abbey theme, we’re looking forward to your Modern Twist on the Twenties.

Will you be inspired by a character? Or details of lace, fringe, and beading? Here’s a mood board to get ideas flowing.

Get in the Mood with Winter Fashion

In some parts of the country snow began to fall and temperatures dipped signaling the arrival of Winter. Are you ready?

If instead of running towards the snow, you’re dreaming of garden parties with colorful streamers with croquet on the grass, an attitude adjustment may be just what you need. The sunny dispositions of bloggers in this week’s Friday Links round up has us warming to the idea. A little faux fur and some sparkle is guaranteed to chase away the winter blues.