Planning a Holiday Break

As the weather starts to get chilly, it is easy to start daydreaming about the holidays and enjoying some time off with your family. So, what can you do now to prepare for some down time in the future?

Planning ahead can take some effort, but in doing so you are able to enjoy specific events with less on your plate. Here’s what you can do.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Intentional Content through Editorial Calendars

We swear to ourselves we’ll never do that again. What’s that? Rushing to get a post live. 

We promise we’ll plan better in the future. But, projects pile up and it happens again. Join us this Wednesday September 9th on Twitter for #AltChat at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT when we ask the Alt Community for their tips and tricks for consistently publishing quality content, whether it’s editorial calendars, slow blogging, a combination of both, or something else entirely.

In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about editorial calendars: why they’re useful; what tools you can use to create one; and more!

Blogging 101: Getting Organized with Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars don’t have to be complex. Part of their value lies in being able to space out labor-intensive posts, such as DIYs or styled photo shoots, to work with your time constraints and fill in other days with curated content or from the archives pieces. They can unleash your creativity and reduce the number of times you’ll be scrambling at the last minute to get a post live.

A few members of our Alt Community share how to create one, the tools to use, and a few tips on working with an editorial calendar.

Content 101: Publishing Consistently

By: Eden Hensley Top Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit Publish or perish does not just apply to academics. In today’s content-driven media landscape this adage applies to bloggers and creatives as well. How do you keep generating idea after idea and producing quality content consistently? Planning and scheduling. And that’s where an editorial calendar […]

My Favorite Tools For Creating An Editorial Calendar

By: Chris Gardner  Image by:  Seyed Mostafa Zamani Here’s my system and why it works for me. If you don’t already have a organization system in place, follow these three rules to get started, and keep track of all your brilliant ideas. 1) Separate Your Personal Calendar and Your Blog Calendar Your editorial calendar belongs […]

Using An Editorial Calendar To Plan Your Holiday Content

By: Chris Gardner  Image by:  Barbara Miers An editorial calendar is a useful and necessary tool throughout the year, but it’s absolutely essential during October, November, and December. Creative inspiration is everywhere, your traffic will be up, and you want to set yourself up for the season as best you can. Here are five tips […]

Wanna Make Money From Your Blog? Make An Editorial Calendar

By: Chris Gardner. Photo by: Scott Ellis

 Your blog needs an editorial calendar for two important reasons: one, it helps you stay organized, provides motivation to get your work done, and all that important productivity stuff. And two? It helps you make money.

Having a consistency to your content is what makes it enjoyable to read, and also what makes it profitable. When you know what you’re going to write about, your audience knows what you’re going to write about, and you can tell advertisers what you’re going to write about, and they’re going to want to pay you to do it, because they know what they’re going to get.