Alt Chat Wednesday: 80 Days Until Alt Winter 2016

Creatives dream big. Making those dreams come true is often the challenge. The culprits? Creative Perfectionism. Perseverance. Or more specifically, the gap between our taste and the work we produce.

So how do you get past the gap? How do you keep going when your work doesn’t match your expectations?

Join us Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT on Twitter to chat about strategies and techniques for overcoming roadblocks and managing creative perfectionism. We’ll be talking about what we’ve found that works and what we’ve tried that didn’t.  

Planning Ahead: Financial Creativity

When people ask if it’s worth it to go to Alt, my answer has always been yes, even before I worked for the conference. The education, the collaborative friendships, and the sponsor introductions are worth every penny. If you look at going to Alt as an investment, then the return is clear. Attend with the mindset of working, connecting, and pitching ideas and the projects that grow from the experience will pay for the ticket and beyond.  Here are a few Alt alumni who got creative by making Alt Summit a priority.