Alt Chat Wednesday: Finding the Perfect Collaboration Partner

Kick off your Alt Winter 2016 experience on Twitter with #AltChat Wednesday January 20th at 9AM PT/10AM MT/12PM ET/5PM GMT. We’ll be breaking the ice and practicing our asks as we chat about the in’s and out’s of successful colllaborations.

Unable to Attend Alt Winter 2016? Here are three ways you can hear the latest news and interact with attendees.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Setting Goals for 2016

Goal setting is a great time for reflection and for changing direction if your current plans aren’t feeling right. And, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your goals for 2016. Here are eight steps to help you set a strong foundation for success whether you’ve been working on your creative endeavor or blog for a while or just starting.

Alt Chat Wednesday: The Art of Content Curation

Curation is nothing new. And it’s definitely not scary. Every museum has an art curator. They’re responsible for your experience, from finding the artists to showcase to setting the context for selected artists and the chosen pieces. 

Online we’re all curators. Want to discover great sources to share from? Or tools for streamlining your curation? Join Flipboard—another of our amazing Alt Winter 2016 sponsors–and the Alt Community for #AltChat on Twitter December 9th at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM GMT for answers to these questions and more! One lucky participant will have a chance to win an iPad mini!

Alt Chat Wednesday: Creating a Space That Showcases Your Personality

Creating a space or special event that showcases your personality can feel overwhelming without a plan or set brand guidelines. Join us Wednesday for a Twitter chat with Hayneedle! We will discuss inspiration, event spaces, and how to create spaces that showcase our personality. It will be a fun, informative chat! 

Alt Chat Wednesday: How to Appreciate Your Community

Blogging can be a creative outlet, a way to make money, and a place to build community. While we blog for a variety of reasons, all reasons have something in common. We blog for a better or fuller life.

Before taking a break to spend time with family, join us on Twitter Wednesday November 25, 2015 at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM GMT. We’ll be chatting about enjoying what you do, showing appreciation for your community, and more.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Celebrating the Holidays on Your Blog

Can you believe the holidays are fast approaching? Regardless of whether or not you share holiday specific content on your blog or social media, it’s important to think about how the holidays can affect your workflow.


Join Minted, one of our Alt Winter 2016 sponsors, and the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday November 18 at 9AM PST/12PM EST/5PM GMT for an hour-long chat about bringing the holidays home. And read on for seven simple things you can do to keep the holidays from overwhelming you.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Is Doing It All the New Having It All?

The media landscape has changed. Online influencers and creatives have moved beyond a blog and online advertising as a main or sole stream of income. What this has meant is a dizzying array of seemingly unending tasks that need to be done. Content creation and curation. Impeccable visual styling. Promotion. Research. Constant learning. Experimentation. 

How are you approaching it all? Trying to do everything? Or being more selective with your creative goals? Join us Wednesday November 11 at 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM GMT on Twitter for #AltChat as we look at balance and time management and find out what we’re saying yes to, as well as what we’re saying no to. 

Alt Chat Wednesday: 80 Days Until Alt Winter 2016

Creatives dream big. Making those dreams come true is often the challenge. The culprits? Creative Perfectionism. Perseverance. Or more specifically, the gap between our taste and the work we produce.

So how do you get past the gap? How do you keep going when your work doesn’t match your expectations?

Join us Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT on Twitter to chat about strategies and techniques for overcoming roadblocks and managing creative perfectionism. We’ll be talking about what we’ve found that works and what we’ve tried that didn’t.