What Sort of Topics Will Be Covered at the 2019 Alt Oasis Conference?

At Alt Summit, we’ve always been committed to presenting high quality content. We love practical classes and workshops and panels that teach real-world skills, and help women build their businesses. At the conference, we’re also committed to filling the inspiration wells of all our attendees. Our conference is one week that will keep you energized for a whole year.

These are the topics and categories we’re planning to cover at the 2019 Alt Oasis event. It takes place March 24th to 29th in Palm Spring, California.

Newsletters Intensive Workshop For Beginners
Advanced Newsletters Workshop
Instagram Growth 
Instagram Stories & Live — Trends & Tips
Using Facebook Pages
Strategies for Facebook Groups
Using Facebook Ads 
Driving Traffic with Pinterest 
Pinterest Promoted Pins 
Preparing Photos for Pinterest
Collaborations With Complementary Brands 
Marketing through Influencers & Bloggers
Traditional Media Coverage 
Trade Media Coverage
Marketing on Local TV 
Logo & Web Design
Developing Your Brand Voice
Creating a Brand Style Sheet 
How To Be A Good Community Member 

Podcasting 101
Podcasting Equipment & Setup
Podcasting Growth Strategies
Developing As An Online Writer
Writing For Other Sites
Coming Up With Authentic Sponsored Content
Creating Positive Communities Online
Using Your Platform For A Good Cause
Writing about Current Events on a Non-Political Site
Writing About Pages 
Moderating Conversations on Social Media and Blogs

Shooting Flat Lays
Editing Process — From Capture Through Publishing
iPhone Skills Photo Class
Shooting Interiors
Shooting Kids & Portraits
Shooting Food
Shooting Yourself — Self Timers and Other Tricks 
Top Photo Editing Apps
Facebook Live
Instagram Stories & Live — How to Create
On Camera Skills
Capturing Great Video
Video Editing
Building a YouTube Audience
Finding Your Youtube Niche
Video Lighting

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Advanced Affiliate Marketing
Finding Your Affiliate Niche
How to Pitch Sponsors
Working With An Ad Network
All About CPMs and Other Display Ad Terms
Book Projects
Launching or Running a Small Online Shop (like Etsy)
Launching or Running a Big Online Shop
Opening or Running a Brick & Mortar Shop
Creating and Selling Email Courses & Video Courses 
Creating and Selling Hosted Online Classes (like Skillshare)
Collaborations With Existing Brands (creating a line or a product for someone else)
Consulting or Joining a Board of Directors
Writing/Creating for Other Sites or Brands
Selling Skills You Didn’t Know Your Had
Creating a Media Kit

Accounting Tools & Skills
Payroll Tools
Managing Company Email Addresses
How to Hire or Build a Team
Negotiating Contracts
Getting & Keeping Business Paperwork in Order
Strategies for Managing Your Inbox
How To Pivot
Working Full-Time and Managing a Side-Gig
Leveling Up – How to get the skills to go to the next level
Finding Your Tribe
Starting a Mastermind Group
Getting Investment as a Woman Entrepreneur
Getting Grants as a Woman in Business
Developing Residual Income or Putting Your Business on Autopilot
Selling Your Business and Other Exit Strategies
Career Paths in Social Media

Work Life Balance
When To Quit Your Day Job
Realizing Your Potential
How To Find Your Creative Passion
Overcoming Creative Blocks
Dealing with Negativity Online
Managing Stress
Top Wellness Practices/Trends
Toxin-free Living
Trash-free Living
The Art of Organization/De-cluttering
Tiny Houses

Artist Installations
Movie Screenings + Panels, featuring woman-led projects
Concerts and Performances
Runway Shows

Why You Need to Know About Blockchain
Telegram -The Important Social Media Platform You Haven’t Heard Of
Cryptocurrency Overview
Voter Registry
How Bloggers and Influencers Can Wield More Political Power


**UPDATE: The 2019 Call for Presentations is now closed.** What do you want to learn about at Alt Oasis? Have you submitted a presentation pitch? The Call for Presentations is open until Friday, September 14th, 2018. Submit your idea here.

Call for Speakers!

It’s pitch time! Before you dive in, here’s what you need to know: 

First, there are six different categories open for submissions.

1. Art Project – Think murals, room installations, interactive exhibits and photo walls. 

2. Presentations – This includes panels, classes, stand alone talks, and roundtables. 

3. Workshops – Hands-on classes on a wide variety of practical topics covering everything related to content creation, arts and crafts, and business skills.

4. Runway – Bring your independent or established fashion line to Alt Oasis. We’ll provide the runway, and if you like, influencer attendees can sign up to be your models.

5. Film Screenings – Screen your film project — features, documentaries, shorts — to the Alt Summit audience, and bring your team for a panel discussion following the screening.

6. Performances – Calling musicians, performance artists, comedians — show off your work at our week long conference.

Second you’ll have two weeks to pitch. Submissions will be accepted from September 1-14, 2018 11:59 pm PT. 

Third, new this year, there is going to be a voting round. From September 17-24, the public can view and vote on the submissions. Does the voting make you feel shy? Don’t let it worry you. The vote totals won’t be public. So if you have the most votes, or the least votes, or somewhere in between, no one will know. Votes will count for 50% of the decision process. 

Fourth, when you’re pitching your presentation, we encourage you to upload visuals: inspiration photos, existing videos, or even grab your phone and make a quick selfie-video letting us know why your presentation will be awesome. The presentation pitch will have it’s own page and unique url, which the public will be able to view. So compelling visuals could really help your pitch stand out and get attention!

Those who are chosen to become presenters at Alt Oasis will receive complimentary full registration (hotel, airfare and travel expenses are not covered). If you’re registered for the 2019 conference already, and then get invited to speak, the purchase price will be promptly reimbursed.

Sound good? Submit your ideas here. UPDATE: Call for Speakers is now closed.

School Daze


We’ve been giving tickets to Alt Oasis away every week! For this week’s entry, it’s time to sharpen your number 2 pencils. We’d love to see a favorite photo from your school days along with a caption on what you dreamed of doing as an adult. Share on Instagram with #altbacktoschool and you could win. 

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and other chances to win tickets. 

What’s New for 2019? Here’s the Low Down

NEW FOR 2019!

The cat is out of the bag. Alt Oasis is going to bigger and better than any other conference we’ve put on. We’re making it a 10th Anniversary to remember! And with that growth, comes change. New, shiny changes that we’re implementing based on your feedback. For instance: 

You loved every second of the conference but thought that it went by too fast. Well now with 6 full days of content, you’ll be able to soak up every last bit of session wisdom while still taking advantage of breaks to connect, and get some Vitamin D.

You loved all the options you had for creative experiences, but wouldn’t mind being offered a few more. Never fret, at Alt Oasis there will be art installations, movie screenings, creative performances and more surprises. 

You loved how close-knit and friendly the conference was, but were bummed that your friends missed out on getting tickets. By hosting Alt Oasis at four venues — the Parkerthe Acethe Saguaro, and the Riviera — panels and sessions will stay the same size, but allow more people to attend

You loved the classes and topics, but felt frustrated when two of your favorite options were at the same time. In 2019 we’ll be able to repeat our most popular panels and workshops. 

You loved the locale but wanted more options for exploring Palm Springs. Extending our event from three days to six, means more more opportunity to do just that. The 2019 schedule will offer built-in field trips, and sessions held at the most instagram-able spots in town. 

ALT OASIS — MARCH 24-29, 2019

Be first in line to grab a ticket — they go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 AM PST.  We’ll send a registration link in the newsletter first thing in the morning.

And feel free to check out our FAQ page for answers to all your Alt Summit questions.

Escaping to an Oasis is Exactly What You Need


For our celebratory 10th year, we’re calling the 2019 conference, Alt Oasis. Why Oasis? Well… 

An Oasis is a gathering place.
Your people will come from all over the world to Alt Oasis. To be here, to learn, to grow, and make meaningful connections. It’s designed to help you meet up with like-minded creators and entrepreneurs, to jolt your own creativity.

An Oasis is a place to recharge.
It isn’t just an investment in your blog or business or creative endeavor. Alt Oasis is an investment in yourself as a person. It’s six days dedicated to connection, and to recharging your energy. Alt Oasis is a place to plan and dream and find support. It’s a place to refill your inspiration well.

An Oasis is a destination that offers relief and refreshment to the weary.
The Alt Summit community values building each other up versus tearing each other down. Attendees remark on how much they feel like they belong; that they can share openly and learn from one another. At Alt Oasis, you’ll be able to relax, to be yourself, to remember how good it feels to learn and grow without the usual daily pressures.

Oh, and did we mention our conference takes place in the middle of a desert? It’s like a little jewel of delight that you come upon when you need it most. Alt Oasis is a week of rejuvenation to last you all year.

ALT OASIS — MARCH 24-29, 2019

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 AM PST! 

Check out our FAQ page for answers to all your Alt Summit questions. And make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter to get the registration link first.

Why do people LOVE Alt Summit so much?


Do you wonder how anyone made a purchase before online reviews existed? We don’t blame you. Here is what past Alt attendees had to say about their experience at our conference in February:

“IT IS A MUST GO!! I walked away empowered, motivated, and I think I grew more in those three days than the last six months. Not enough words to say how much I loved it.” — Amanda Upadhyaya of SouthCoastStyleOC

“Worth every penny. A place where I can feel immersed in creatives from varying backgrounds who have a common goal and purpose.” — Calvina Nguyen of Stirr

“It’s THE best place for a creative person. Whether you need more inspiration, are looking to connect with brands or you just want to network, it truly is the place to be. There are so many opportunities for building relationships and networking that it feels like no other conference I’ve ever attended.” — Amber Dorsey of From Carpools to Cocktails

“It’s the one conference I go to where I feel like it’s incredibly inclusive. Everywhere you go, folks are friendly and welcoming and eager to share the knowledge. I made some amazing new friends that I plan on continuing to grow with!” — Kara Kull of Serious Mom Fun

“Amazing conference for meeting and networking with smart, motivated, like minded people. You’ll come away feeling uplifted, refreshed and ready to tackle the world.” — Michelle Zuzek of Style Beacon

“It’s worth every penny. Tons of valuable, applicable takeaways, plus building a network that has been paramount to my growth and success the last couple of years.” — Anne Cropper 

“Alt isn’t just an investment in your blog or business. It’s an investment in yourself as a person. It’s time to connect and recharge. To plan and dream without limits. It’s everything you didn’t know you were missing and everything you were missing all in one.” — anonymous survey responder

“I keep coming back because of the inspiration. It jolts my business forward every year in a time that I need it most. I also keep coming back because of the amazing people I’ve met and get to reconnect with every year. When you come, your business and your outlook on the possibilities for your business will never be the same!” — Olivia Omega 

“I think the sponsors and their booths at Alt are always top notch. More than anything, I appreciate that Alt brings in sponsors that truly want to work with bloggers and develop sponsored relationships with them following the event.” — Haeley Giambalvo of Design Improvised.

“This is easily the most interesting, fun, and creative conference ever! You will make connections that will move the needle of your career faster and with more precision than social media-stalking alone ever will because YOUR PEOPLE come from all over the world to be here, learn, grow, and make meaningful connections.” — Heather Donohue 


Mark your calendars, tickets go on sale in two days — Wednesday, July 18th!

Have questions? We have answers.

Interested in why we are changing the format? Find out here

Spending Time Around Magical People is a Game Changer


One thing we know for sure, if you make the effort to come to Alt Summit, you’ll walk away motivated, inspired and encouraged. A lot of that inspiration and encouragement comes from meeting outstanding, like-minded attendees. 


When so many creative minds come together, connections are made and ideas come to life. If you’re feeling like you have something to contribute to the world, and you’re not sure how to go about it, Alt Oasis will help you figure it out. Seriously. Meeting real people, who have built influential organizations, invented beautiful products, and launched brave, problem-solving ideas, will make a huge impact on you. 

It’s much easier to think big, or to make a big idea feel doable, when you’re surrounded by amazing people who have taken on challenges, fought through the failures, and kept going.

Want an idea of the remarkable people Alt Summit brings together? Here are some examples of Alt Alumni who are in the middle of creating magic right this minute.

Erin Jang designed a Color Factory art installation at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in Manhattan. It’s called the Manhattan Color Walk and each color represents one of 265 streets — from the buckets of lavender mums at the corner bodega, to the forest green scaffolding covering a building under construction. The installation is free for all to enjoy.

No doubt you remember Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love — she was the creator and host of JoAnn’s booth during February’s conference in Palm Springs. And now you’ll see her on TV! Amber stars in a the new NBC show, Making It, which launches next month. We saw the trailer and we’re already super fans.

Amanda felt empowered after her first Alt Summit and decided to take her hobby and turn it into a full time business. After launching a successful Kickstarter, she’s creating her hand screen-printed tees for a plethora of happy customers. 

Awhile back we heard Olivia Omega, the brand strategist and beloved host of Alt Together, was named one of 20 Female Founders to Watch in Colorado.

Did you see Alt Alum’s Brad and Heather Fox have a new show on HGTV? It’s a home renovation series called Stay or Sell, and it premiered July 9th. Definitely check it out — it’s so much fun to see them in action! 

Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper has teamed up with one of our favorite Keynote Speakers, Lisa Congdon, to create a stunning collection of wallpapers.

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest designed and launched a new statement furniture collaboration with Target. It’s all about adding style to a room by mixing and layering prints and patterns.

Friends, Alt Oasis is where you’ll find your own magic-making inspiration.


Mark your calendars, tickets go on sale next week — Wednesday, July 18th!

Have questions? We have answers.

Interested in why we are changing the format? Find out here

Curious about Brand Collabs? Come to Alt Oasis.


We know a major goal of our Alt Summit attendees is to build. Build your community, build your brand, build your relationships, build your following, and build your business. And guess what? You can’t do that alone. Collaborations are key to growth. But how do you connect with the right companies to collaborate with? Alt Summit is how! 

First, companies come to Alt Summit for one reason: to discover and meet people like you, creators who fit their brand and can take it to a new audience. Second, at Alt Summit, the schedule offers tons of options geared especially toward finding and pitching the brands you want to work with. Here are some of our favorite recent stories of Alt attendees and companies we love, who have become a great team. 

Jihan Zencirli worked with the New York City Ballet as an Artist-in-Residence and filled the famed landmark, Lincoln Center, with a massive, gasp-worthy balloon installation. But she didn’t stop there. Next, Jihan invented the Forever Balloon and launched her new creation with a sculpture at Pier 17.

Alaska Airlines came to Alt Summit and connected with Amy Webb. They collaborated on a discussion of fear, love and traveling as a special needs family that became a series on Amy’s blog. Amy was able to travel with her family to Hawaii and shared meaningful insights on her family’s fear-to-love journey.

Alex Gilreath entered the ABLE Leather Bag Design Contest, announced at Alt Summit — and she won! Her Convertible Belt Bag, a multi-purpose crossbody, belt bag + clutch will be sold with ABLE’s 2018 holiday collection. We can’t wait to see it in real life and order one for ourselves.

Fashion & Beauty influencer, Chancea, collaborated with Macy’s to announce Tommy Hilfiger’s new floral print collection. She said it took her love for prints to a whole new level and gave her a deeper appreciation for having fun with fashion again.

Liz of Say Yes, partnered with HarperCollins on a post about getting her pre-schooler ready for TK. It’s all about creating a drawing+craft filled “book report” with her young daughter. It’ll make you want to pull out your glue sticks.

Quiana Agbai and Wayfair teamed up on a Stars & Stripes series, including a deconstructed flag cake that would be perfect for gatherings all summer long.

Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett, makers of the world’s best work wear aprons, understands how game-changing good brand collaborations can be. So much so that she has a section on her site highlighting all the recent ones — including innovative collabs with Rifle Paper Co. and (RED).

Ready to learn how to connect with the brands you want to work with? Ready to meet brands who want to work with you?


Tickets go on sale July 18th. That’s next Wednesday. Be sure to mark your calendars because tickets sell out fast — last year, they were gone in less than 2 hours!

Have questions? We have answers.

Interested in why we are changing the format from 3 days to 6 days? Find out here


Balloon photo by Erin Baiano for NYCB. Lifestyle photo by Chauncea.

Background on the New Alt Oasis Schedule

Curious about why we’ve changed up the format of the conference?

The fact is, you need more time at Alt Summit. There’s just SO MUCH GOOD CONTENT. Everything on the schedule has been carefully chosen to be there, because the information shared is important, helpful and valuable. Everything outing, party and meet up is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. You just need more time — to take advantage of all that Alt Summit makes available.

So we’ve doubled the time frame from three days to six. The new extended schedule will allow us to repeat in-demand classes, build more field trips into the schedule (doesn’t a visit to the desert sound good?), to accommodate more small group activities, and to include more breaks. It means you won’t feel pressure as you pick your classes. It means you’ll have more time to sit and talk and make real connections with your fellow attendees.

Something else we’ve learned: You want to explore more of Palm Springs. There are mid-century doors to spot, Joshua trees to take selfies with, night clubs where the Rat Pack use to hang out. As we pondered how to make sure you see as much of Palm Springs as possible, we asked: What if we held classes and hosted activities at all the coolest places in town? 

And that’s what we’re doing. The conference will take place at the luxe Parker Palm Springs, AND at the rainbow-joy-filled Saguaro where we’ve hung out for the last two years, AND at the sleek/retro desert-themed Ace Hotel, AND at the classic, iconic Riviera — with it’s amazing old school ballroom.

All week long, you’ll find classes, workshops, and sponsors at all four locations. There will be shuttles circling among all four, a fleet of bikes available, or you can access ample parking at each location if you’re bringing (or renting) a car.

This new format enables you to enjoy four top Palm Springs landmarks, while also getting to know the city better as you hop from one hotel to the next.

We want room to fit in every cool thing we’re digging right now. Yes, you can rely on Alt Summit to provide serious classes with practical takeaways on every topic you need to build your business. But Alt Summit is also about inspiration. And there’s a whole lot we find inspiring.

With quadruple the space, our goal is to bring in even more unforgettable, practical, and inspiring content. Plan on panel-led movie screenings, runway shows from indie designers, gasp-worthy art installations, and world-class music performances. All focused on women-led projects. 

One of Alt Summit’s primary goals is to amplify women’s voices, and we can’t wait to bring even more of the most interesting women in the world to our conference.

One more thing we know for sure: We need more space for more people. Our waitlist last year was ridiculously long, and left us with a problem to solve. How do we offer more tickets, while keeping the feel of the conference as close-knit and friendly as possible?

We think we’ve landed on the perfect fix. We’re holding classes at more locations, but we’re keeping panels, sessions, and workshops the same size as last year. Which means we’ve got room for more people, without relocating to a cavernous warehouse. Lots more people will be able to attend, but we won’t lose that intimate we’re-all-peers feeling where you get to meet the speakers and eat late night s’mores with your favorite influencers.

In the same vein, we’re also working in lots of small group activities on the schedule, because we know that’s where many of the key friendships and collaborations are made.

We’re pleased as punch with the new format and we think you will be too. Tickets go on sale July 18th. Watch the newsletter for the registration details. In the meantime, check out the about page and the FAQs