Alt Chat Wednesday: Making Your Original Photography Stand Out from the Crowd

What grabs your attention as you frantically thumb through your feed of favorite blogs and social media? Eye catching visuals. Maybe a splash of color used strategically. A pattern. A luxurious fabric. Whatever it is you can bet the “it” was intentional. 

Here are four ways to make your visual branding stand out from the crowd, along with tips for where to find those crave worthy props and get imagery if you’re not a photographer. 

    4 Tips for Improving Smart Phone Photography

    Phone photography is versatile, lightweight, and increasingly common in capturing everyday moments. While full sized cameras still have their place in photo shoots, smart phones can beautifully capture family, life, and quick photo styling moments for social media.

    Here are four tips for working with your iPhone camera.

    The Secret to A Successful Photo Shoot

    Successful photo shoots have one shared characteristic. They all involve planning. Want to increase the likelihood your content will be shared? Before you begin taking any photos, start with the end in mind. 

    Here are four things to do when planning and executing your photo shoots.

    Where to Go for Style Making Props

    What makes a signature style? Is it the angle from where the photographer shoots? Is it the fact that the image has low- or high-key lighting?

    Often what makes an image or series of images immediately identifiable are the props. So where do Alt community members find their props? In a recent AltChat we asked them just that. Here are some of their favorite shops for memorable, on brand, eye-catching props.

    Alt Chat Wednesday: Perfecting Your Visuals

    Images grab your attention two ways: the composition and the execution. Get one wrong and an image gets scrolled by on social media. Nail both and scrolling stops, your message may be read. But other than an image being in focus, what else goes into successful execution? 

    Join #AltChat on Twitter this Wednesday September 16 at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 4PM GMT as we focus on the basics of photography and how we’re working to perfect our visuals in an ever changing social media landscape. In the meantime, check out four things you should be doing with your photos.

    Alt Chat Wednesday: Creating a Signature Look with Props

    In today’s media landscape and world of constant sharing on social media, your visuals need to say you. And simply adding a watermark isn’t enough. For images that are unique to you, you want elements such as colors and props that become your signature.

    Join us Wednesday September 2, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT on Twitter to chat about how you brand the images you publish on your site and share to social media. We’ll be talking about what makes up a signature look, sharing some of our favorite spots for props, and more.  

    Before we chat about the specifics of what is in your images, take a moment to focus on how you’re taking your images. Here are six ways to strengthen your visual branding.

    Photography 101: Getting Ready to Shoot Food

    Ever noticed how the food lifestyle bloggers share on their sites and in their social media streams makes your mouth water? I could have just finished a hearty meal and I’ll still find myself salivating over their photos.

    Curious how you can create a feed that leaves your fans drooling? In the first of a series of posts, we share some of our favorite tips from a few of our Alt Summit Design Camp instructors on which equipment to choose and how to prep your table before you start playing with your food.

      Alt Chat Wednesday: Showing Your Voice Through Your Visuals

      Humans are drawn to images. Images today are your calling card. And your calling card needs to be strong to drive the right traffic to you.

      Join the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) July 1st at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST for an hour-long chat about photo styling. We will be talking about why photos are important, how you can develop a voice or consistent style, and more.

      Friday Links: Turning Your Living Room into a Studio

      I think it is easy to assume that all the most successful bloggers have nice studios and extensively organized prop closets filled with inspiration and magic. The truth is, most of us are working from our living room floor and digging through clutter filled offices/garages/basements.

      Five resources from bloggers in the Alt Community will have you viewing your living room as your own personal photography studio.