At a Crossroad

Our life is shaped and modeled by the decisions we make, the paths we cross, and the lessons we learn along the way. When success is found we often step back and recognize the path it took to get there, the sacrifices made, and work involved.

But sometimes the biggest question lies in the crossroads of should we do something, or must we do something. 

A Common Challenge: The Comparison Trap

A few weeks ago, we asked members of the Alt Community what challenges they’ve faced following their hearts and a theme emerged. Whether we’re just starting out, thinking of rebranding or venturing in a new direction, or looking to stay inspired, we’re all facing it. The Comparison Trap.

Here are three things you can do if you find comparison threatening to stall your momentum and seven resources for helping you get started or stay inspired.

    Friday Links: A Clean and Clear, Creative Workspace

    Working from home – as most bloggers do – can be a challenging task at best. Then, mix in an unorganized and cluttered office and you have yourself a little cave of stress. Nobody wants that. Ideally your office should reflect the same zeal and feel that your brand represents. When your environment is clean, organized, and stylish, your work will follow suit.

    These five bloggers are doing it right when it comes to organizing with style.

    Alt Chat Wednesday: Choosing Your Own Path

    Almost every day I see another seemingly overnight success story. The sound byte repeated: do what you love and success will follow. The truth is success follows hustle, perseverance, and countless iterations. And we only learn this by striking out on our own with a strong support network.

    Join us Wednesday March 25th  (tomorrow) for #AltChat, our weekly Twitter chat, at 9AM PT/12PM ET. For an hour we’ll be chatting about why we do what we do, how we keep up our momentum when we’re not an overnight success, what do we do when we need to make our own path, and more.

    When Doing What You Love Becomes Routine

    As creative entrepreneurs we follow our passions, often taking what we love and turning it into a business. And sometimes, also transforming our passion into a routine.

    Last Wednesday, members of the Alt Community chatted on Twitter about how to avoid burn out and what to do if your passion is now a chore. What follows are ten ways creatives break out of the routine. Did we miss any? How do you keep your passion fresh? 

    Copy Cat vs. Creative Accident

    During Alt Winter 2015, I was sitting in on a fabulous talk from the amazing Melanie Burke and Alma Loveland who became business partners and best friends after meeting at Alt four years ago. At one point they were talking about plagiarism vs. copycatting vs. creative accidents.

    As it turns out, when you put a million or so people on the Internet they are bound to come up with similar ideas. Sometimes even the exact same idea. But what do you do if it happens to you? Do you still post your project? Or do something different?

    Alt Winter 2015 Mini Parties, Part 2

    If you can’t tell, we love mini parties around here. This year six out of the nine rooms were created by bloggers and sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Each room had one or two elements that brought the entire evening together.

    Get comfortable as we take you on a room-by-room tour of these spaces!

    Alt Chat Wednesday: Innovating Authentically

    As content creators and makers, we want to give our readers and fans something new. We want to delight, but not necessarily shock. We strive to innovate authentically. And that’s the challenge. 

    Join the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday morning (today) at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about innovation.