More Alt Together Details

MORE ALT TOGETHER DETAILSDid you see our big announcement yesterday about Alt Together? We’ve created a deluxe virtual ticket, so you can enjoy all the learning and networking of the upcoming Alt Summit conference  – from your own home.  Bummed you don’t have a ticket to Alt Summit? Having major FOMO? With Alt Together, in addition […]

Say Hello to KiwiCo!

SAY HELLO TO KIWICOWe’re excited to announce a new sponsor collaboration, just in time for the holiday season! KiwiCo delivers hands-on activities that help kids build their problem solving skills and creative confidence. Alt Summit 2018 attendees will receive a KiwiCo crate in the mail this week – with an exclusive invite to try another crate for […]

Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Blog with Flipboard

We are thrilled to have this guest post today from a dedicated Alt Sponsor – Flipboard. They are hear to tell you more about driving much wanted traffic to your blog or site with the use of Flipboard!  Odds are, if you call yourself a blogger, you know that great content is critical to being […]

Get ’em While They’re Hot!

Shine theory [shahyn theer-ee]: The belief that surrounding yourself with people who are witty, stylish, beautiful and professionally accomplished makes you better. “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” This is most easily accomplished at Alt Summit. Antonym: Rival theory Avoiding intimidating people out of a fear that you will look inferior in comparison.  It’s […]

5 Tips for Sparking Creativity

Today’s #AltChat is sponsored by @workmanpub and they are offering not one, but two Paint by Sticker books – one aimed for you adults and one for kids! The chat topic is all about finding the joy in your journey and expressing creativity in this world of work and hustle. Join us at 9am PT/12pm ET and don’t forget to tag #AltChat and @workmanbub for your chance to win!