Transportation Tips for Alt Winter 2016

Planning out your transportation ahead of time will alleviate some stress as you navigate to and from the Grand America for Alt Summit. You will be responsible for finding your own transportation during Alt Summit. This includes to and from the airport, Wednesday night dinners and any adventures you choose to take. 

Alt Winter 2016 Sponsors, Part 3

This is the third of three blog posts introducing you to the companies who will be at Alt Winter 2016. Ticket holders to Alt can use this information to get a head start on deciding who you want to connect with in SLC. For those who can’t make it to the winter conference, feel free to connect with these brands through social platforms. They welcome the conversation!

Alt Winter 2016 Sponsors, Part 2

This blog post is number two of three, introducing the Alt community to Alt Winter 2016 sponsors. For those with a ticket to the upcoming conference, this information may give you a head start on considering who you want to connect with at the conference. For the larger Alt community, feel free to reach out to these brands through social platforms.

Alt Winter 2016 Sponsors, Part 1

Hooray! It’s sponsor time! Grab your pen, because this is the first of three blog posts where you will hear all about the sponsors you’ll meet at Alt Summit, and we know you are going to want to take notes.

Of course, the Alt Community is big and wonderful and goes way beyond the group of people attending Alt Winter. So we are sharing this information with the full Alt Community – some of these brands may be a great fit for you and your site, whether you have a ticket to Alt Winter or not. And these sponsors definitely want to connect with the whole community. Yes, you and you and you and even you!

Announcing the Alt Winter 2016 Opening Night Party Theme

The first big party of the conference happens on Thursday night, with a new theme every year. It happens after the first full day of conferencing, and it’s the perfect time to wind down with all the new friends you’ve made. You don’t want to miss it. 

The party theme this year? Starry, Starry Night! Everything you love about the night sky packed into a party! Twinkly lights against velvety darkness. Stargazing. Constellations. Horoscopes. Come prepared for an evening of night sky surprises and amazing food.

Announcing Alt Winter 2016 Opening Keynotes!

In June we opened our Summer Conference with four speakers. It wasn’t a panel. It was four stand-alone speakers. Four internet powerhouses. Four women. Each one with a brilliant message.

And it turns out, that Opening Keynote was so good, that before it had even ended, the decision was already made: we would invite another four amazing women to open our Winter Conference as well.

Would you like to meet them? We are delighted and honored to introduce the Alt Winter 2016 Opening Keynote Speakers

Blogging with Photography and Copyright in Mind

When starting out as a blogger there’s a lot you need to learn, like copyright law! A lot of us included “round-up” style blog posts and simply shared the link to the original creative in small print with the word “via.” But there’s actually a little more to it than that. 

Below are 6 tips and further resources for thinking about proper use of photography, along with links to articles and sites with more information.