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5 Things Bloggers Can Learn from Scrapbooking

At Close To My Heart, we love creating beautiful artwork to celebrate and preserve life’s most precious moments. We also love sharing inspiration, for crafting and for life, on our blog. Like scrapbooking, blogging is an art form, and the two share many parallels.

Here are five things bloggers can learn from scrapbooking.

Brands and Bloggers: Be True

Be authentic and it will lead to real conversations. As a brand, this means your pitch to a blogger will be taken more seriously. On the flip side, if you are not a true consumer of a product or a brand, don’t claim to be. 

Being authentic doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s how you can be, whether you’re a brand or a blogger.

Being Professional

Whether you’re an influencer or a growing into a brand, people you want to partner with are looking for and value professionalism, kindness and respect. Best business practices always apply, even when your live primarily online. This includes attention to writing and grammar, polite interactions, a positive tone and respectful requests. 

Follow these five tips and you won’t go wrong!

The Importance of Building Long-term Relationships

Most social media campaigns are short-term projects, but the relationships you’re building with brands or influencers have the potential to be long-term connections. In this social media world, both influencers and brand representatives change roles frequently, creating future opportunities for you through new campaigns, projects, and even new positions. The fluidity of the space makes it even more important to build long-term relationships.


The importance of clear communication cannot be overstated. And though I’ve written about the topic in the past, I continue to see examples of miscommunication that damage relationships in this space. Simple steps and common sense are key to successful communication and therefore successful projects and partnerships. Here are four things to keep in mind when building relationships with brands, other creatives, and social media influencers.




Brands and Bloggers: Brand Ambassadors

Two weeks ago, I mentioned brand ambassadorship as a way social media influencers can offer value to brands. But what are they? And how as a brand do you find the right fit? Today I cover what a brand ambassador is and a few tips for how companies can find and work with them.