Friday Morning

Friday morning is set-up to be the perfect time to wind down and enjoy a few more conversations.  Here’s what’s on the schedule: 

Last Chance Swap Party
Hosted by Liz Stanley of Say Yes, this good old fashioned swap party is sure to be a treasure trove of finds. Bring a few items to swap, and score some fun new things from fellow attendees. Bring clothes, swag, or anything you like. This is a perfect time to really think about what you want to carry home in your suitcase. Find it at the Saguaro Palmetto Room.

Co-Working Space & Meetup Lounge
Are there a few more conversations you want to have before you leave? Come kick it at the meetup lounge and sign each others notepads — see you next year. Or, take some time to sit down with your new business partner and prep your plan of attack for the rest of 2019. Find this space at the Riviera.

Check the Meetup Section of the App
There are at least ten meetups on the schedule so far for Friday morning — including some fun tours. Some are meeting at the Riviera, others at the Saguaro. And some are meeting off-site. Find details on the app.

Hunt for Old Hollywood with Gumshoe Adventures
This is something you can do all week — you don’t have to wait until Friday — and it’s an especially fun thing to do before you head out of town. It’s a self guided tour with a twist! Using your powers of deduction (and probably Google), figure out the answers to the carefully crafted clues. Once you’ve done that, follow the link to the addresses and homes of some of the most well-loved stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Such a fun way to get to know Palm Springs. Find details on the app.

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