Solo Talks

Something else happening at the Parker that we’re jumping up and down about? Solo speakers covering really compelling topics. You may have noticed this on the schedule. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,  the Parker Ballroom will be dedicated to solo TED-style talks. Meaning, they’ll be compact — typically 15 to 20 minutes — and impactful.

And we’ve grouped several solo-speakers together in sessions with over-arching topics: 
Design, Style & Color; Empowered Women in Business; Balance & Clarity; Pitching, Raising Money & Entrepreneurship; Let’s Get You Inspired; Business Development; Doing The Right Thing; Honing Your Business Skills; How-To Topics; and Social Media.

You’ll be able to hear from people like Andrea Williams from Tubby Todd on how to build a business you can sell. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman will share their tips on starting a successful app. Trying to beat imposter syndrome? Jennifer Bridgeforth will teach you how to tackle it. These women, plus dozens of others (and two men), will take the stage for talks good enough to go viral. 

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