What Sort of Topics Will Be Covered at the 2019 Alt Oasis Conference?

At Alt Summit, we’ve always been committed to presenting high quality content. We love practical classes and workshops and panels that teach real-world skills, and help women build their businesses. At the conference, we’re also committed to filling the inspiration wells of all our attendees. Our conference is one week that will keep you energized for a whole year.

These are the topics and categories we’re planning to cover at the 2019 Alt Oasis event. It takes place March 24th to 29th in Palm Spring, California.

Newsletters Intensive Workshop For Beginners
Advanced Newsletters Workshop
Instagram Growth 
Instagram Stories & Live — Trends & Tips
Using Facebook Pages
Strategies for Facebook Groups
Using Facebook Ads 
Driving Traffic with Pinterest 
Pinterest Promoted Pins 
Preparing Photos for Pinterest
Collaborations With Complementary Brands 
Marketing through Influencers & Bloggers
Traditional Media Coverage 
Trade Media Coverage
Marketing on Local TV 
Logo & Web Design
Developing Your Brand Voice
Creating a Brand Style Sheet 
How To Be A Good Community Member 

Podcasting 101
Podcasting Equipment & Setup
Podcasting Growth Strategies
Developing As An Online Writer
Writing For Other Sites
Coming Up With Authentic Sponsored Content
Creating Positive Communities Online
Using Your Platform For A Good Cause
Writing about Current Events on a Non-Political Site
Writing About Pages 
Moderating Conversations on Social Media and Blogs

Shooting Flat Lays
Editing Process — From Capture Through Publishing
iPhone Skills Photo Class
Shooting Interiors
Shooting Kids & Portraits
Shooting Food
Shooting Yourself — Self Timers and Other Tricks 
Top Photo Editing Apps
Facebook Live
Instagram Stories & Live — How to Create
On Camera Skills
Capturing Great Video
Video Editing
Building a YouTube Audience
Finding Your Youtube Niche
Video Lighting

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Advanced Affiliate Marketing
Finding Your Affiliate Niche
How to Pitch Sponsors
Working With An Ad Network
All About CPMs and Other Display Ad Terms
Book Projects
Launching or Running a Small Online Shop (like Etsy)
Launching or Running a Big Online Shop
Opening or Running a Brick & Mortar Shop
Creating and Selling Email Courses & Video Courses 
Creating and Selling Hosted Online Classes (like Skillshare)
Collaborations With Existing Brands (creating a line or a product for someone else)
Consulting or Joining a Board of Directors
Writing/Creating for Other Sites or Brands
Selling Skills You Didn’t Know Your Had
Creating a Media Kit

Accounting Tools & Skills
Payroll Tools
Managing Company Email Addresses
How to Hire or Build a Team
Negotiating Contracts
Getting & Keeping Business Paperwork in Order
Strategies for Managing Your Inbox
How To Pivot
Working Full-Time and Managing a Side-Gig
Leveling Up – How to get the skills to go to the next level
Finding Your Tribe
Starting a Mastermind Group
Getting Investment as a Woman Entrepreneur
Getting Grants as a Woman in Business
Developing Residual Income or Putting Your Business on Autopilot
Selling Your Business and Other Exit Strategies
Career Paths in Social Media

Work Life Balance
When To Quit Your Day Job
Realizing Your Potential
How To Find Your Creative Passion
Overcoming Creative Blocks
Dealing with Negativity Online
Managing Stress
Top Wellness Practices/Trends
Toxin-free Living
Trash-free Living
The Art of Organization/De-cluttering
Tiny Houses

Artist Installations
Movie Screenings + Panels, featuring woman-led projects
Concerts and Performances
Runway Shows

Why You Need to Know About Blockchain
Telegram -The Important Social Media Platform You Haven’t Heard Of
Cryptocurrency Overview
Voter Registry
How Bloggers and Influencers Can Wield More Political Power


**UPDATE: The 2019 Call for Presentations is now closed.** What do you want to learn about at Alt Oasis? Have you submitted a presentation pitch? The Call for Presentations is open until Friday, September 14th, 2018. Submit your idea here.

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