What’s New for 2019? Here’s the Low Down

NEW FOR 2019! The cat is out of the bag. Alt Oasis is going to bigger and better than any other conference we’ve put on. We’re making it a 10th Anniversary to remember! And with that growth, comes change. New, shiny changes that we’re implementing based on your feedback. For instance:  You loved every second of the conference […]

Escaping to an Oasis is Exactly What You Need

ESCAPING TO AN OASIS SOUNDS DREAMY, RIGHT? For our celebratory 10th year, we’re calling the 2019 conference, Alt Oasis. Why Oasis? Well…  An Oasis is a gathering place.Your people will come from all over the world to Alt Oasis. To be here, to learn, to grow, and make meaningful connections. It’s designed to help you meet […]

Why do people LOVE Alt Summit so much?

DON’T TAKE IT FROM US — HERE’S WHAT RECENT ALT SUMMIT ATTENDEES SAID Do you wonder how anyone made a purchase before online reviews existed? We don’t blame you. Here is what past Alt attendees had to say about their experience at our conference in February: “IT IS A MUST GO!! I walked away empowered, motivated, and […]

Spending Time Around Magical People is a Game Changer

SPENDING TIME WITH REMARKABLE PEOPLE WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE One thing we know for sure, if you make the effort to come to Alt Summit, you’ll walk away motivated, inspired and encouraged. A lot of that inspiration and encouragement comes from meeting outstanding, like-minded attendees.  AT ALT OASIS YOU MIGHT FIND […]

Curious about Brand Collabs? Come to Alt Oasis.

STOP, COLLABORATE, AND LISTEN We know a major goal of our Alt Summit attendees is to build. Build your community, build your brand, build your relationships, build your following, and build your business. And guess what? You can’t do that alone. Collaborations are key to growth. But how do you connect with the right companies to […]