The More the Merrier!

LOWE’S Our favorite Saturday errand is coming to Alt Summit, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! A go-to destination for home improvement supplies since 1946, Lowe’s is continually investing in helping people learn about home improvement.  By offering homeowners everything from simple how-to projects to renovation ideas, Lowe’s is inspiring a new generation of DIYers and […]

More Alt Together Details

MORE ALT TOGETHER DETAILSDid you see our big announcement yesterday about Alt Together? We’ve created a deluxe virtual ticket, so you can enjoy all the learning and networking of the upcoming Alt Summit conference  – from your own home.  Bummed you don’t have a ticket to Alt Summit? Having major FOMO? With Alt Together, in addition […]

Say Hello to KiwiCo!

SAY HELLO TO KIWICOWe’re excited to announce a new sponsor collaboration, just in time for the holiday season! KiwiCo delivers hands-on activities that help kids build their problem solving skills and creative confidence. Alt Summit 2018 attendees will receive a KiwiCo crate in the mail this week – with an exclusive invite to try another crate for […]