The question every social media influencer wants answered

Sometimes, it seems like in the professional social media world no one wants to talk about the nitty-gritty of business. Questions like, “How much are you charging for a sponsored post?” “How much do you generate in revenue?” “How much do you charge for ads?” are often met with ambiguous responses that make you feel like it’s all a big secret.

But the truth is, it’s not. You just have to know who to ask.

At Alt Summit, attendees love to talk shop in a forthcoming and honest way. Our goal is to create a cooperative environment where knowledge is candid, plentiful and easily accessible, so we’re thrilled when we get feedback like this:

“It’s such a unique experience being surrounded by smart, creative, supportive, business-minded women who get all the things I do!”
-Gilit Cooper of The Bannerie

Where else can you go decked out for a Starry Night party and have a conversation about analytics?

If you’re ready to talk shop with passionate creatives, we’ll see you at Alt Summit. The next conference is happening January 31st to February 3rd in Palm Springs. Registration opens this week on Thursday, June 9th, at Noon EST. That means 9:00 AM for those of you on the West Coast. Get excited!

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