How is it that the most successful people tend to look the most put together? Well, it is all about the perspective, the strategy. Just like using accessories to complement and complete an outfit, supporting elements (accessories) can complement and complete your blog.

Think about it, your blog is your outfit and each social media platform acts as an accessory.

  • Instagram is like your statement necklace – beautiful and prominent for everyone to admire. 
  • Facebook is like your address book – It will always Include random comments from high school classmates and old relatives who feel so excited to add their two cents. 
  • Twitter is your watch – to the point and always informative. 
  • Snapchat is your purse – you never know what you are going to find, but it always contains a few gems. 
  • Periscope is a beautiful pair of shoes – so attractive, but you’re afraid to fall in love knowing you will never take them off, even if they hurt.

Each element drives and supports the original outfit and shows off its best features. Each can complement a different personality type. They might not care what is in your purse, but your necklace speaks volumes to their aesthetic. They might not have time to walk in your shoes, but your watch is what they dig.

You see, it is not that the most successful are more put together, they are just really good at accessorizing so that everyone is drawn to them.

This blog post is sponsored by maurices. maurices is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their blog this spring! It will feature editorial content ranging from DIY, to recipes, to lifestyle content, with a strong fashion focus. While at ALT, the maurices team will be looking to meet contributors across all spectrums for their blog. Aside from their blog launch, maurices is always looking for new ways to partner with influencers in their social spaces. They are always open to brainstorming and hearing fresh ideas.

They are extremely excited to attend ALT and look forward to meeting new partners.

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