Intentionally grab someone’s attention with eye catching visuals.

By: Eden Hensley; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

What grabs your attention as you frantically thumb through your feed of favorite blogs and social media? Eye catching visuals. Maybe a splash of color used strategically. A pattern. A luxurious fabric. Whatever it is you can bet the “it” was intentional.

Here are four ways to make your visual branding stand out from the crowd, along with tips for where to find those crave worthy props and get imagery if you’re not a photographer.

Four ways to make your visual branding stand out from the crowd, along with tips for where to find those crave worthy props and get imagery if you’re not a photographer.
  1. Be Authentic with Your Brand: Mariah Danielsen of Oh, What Love Studios shares four things you can do to ensure you’re representing the real you on your blog and in social media. While the advice she’s giving is meant for your writing, the tips also apply for your visuals.
  2. Discover Your Visual Aesthetic: Unsure what you’re drawn to visually? Candice Borup Stringham of Handmade Mood recommends the Five Minute Flip as a way to discover what grabs you.
  3. Create a Style Guide: MailChimp, another of our Alt Winter 2016 sponsors, suggests creating a style guide for keeping your content engaging and professional.
  4. Strengthen Your Visual Branding: Strong visual branding starts with better photographs, learn how to turn your living room into a studio, set and style a DIY project, and choose image file formats for your site.
  5. 13 Go To Sources for Style-Making Props: You’ve got your aesthetic down and you’ve worked on your photography, what next? Props that are uniquely you. Members of the Alt Community share their favorite shops for memorable, on brand, eye-catching props.
  6. Where to Find Photography For Your Blog: Not a photographer? You too can make your images stand out from the crowd. First, be sure you know your visual aesthetic and (a style guide will really help as well). Then check out Creative Commons and Stock Photography.

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Waverly is looking to partner with DIY, craft, home and lifestyle bloggers to help showcase their products through your unique POV. More than a big name or readership statistics, they want to work with passionate creative creators who also happen to have a highly engaged audience. They’re coming to Alt Winter 2016 to meet the creators who have a distinguished voice and a style all their own. They want to meet the people who are doing exciting things or just have big ideas! If that’s you, reach out to them on Twitter and Instagram at @InAWaverlyWorld, on Pinterest and Facebook at @WaverlyHome.


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