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Like scrapbooking, blogging is an art form, and the two share many parallels. Here are five things bloggers can learn from scrapbooking.

At Close To My Heart, we love creating beautiful artwork to celebrate and preserve life’s most precious moments. We also love sharing inspiration, for crafting and for life, on our blog. Like scrapbooking, blogging is an art form, and the two share many parallels.

Here are five things bloggers can learn from scrapbooking:

1. Choose Your Photos Wisely

In scrapbooking, photos certainly take center stage.  The size, number, and colors of photographs you’re working with can often determine the entire design of your layout! Likewise, your photos are the element that will catch your readers’ attention more than eloquent text, witty titles, and even brilliant ideas. Thoughtful, high-quality photos can be the best means of capturing the feeling you want to communicate.

2. Let Your Stories Shine

Scrapbooks are all about sharing stories. Whether you’re walking through a DIY project or marketing a product, make sure your blog posts have movement. Readers should feel like they are moving from point A to point B. Find the story in what you want to say, and write away!

3. Celebrate Your Relationships

Scrapbooks celebrate family, friends, and even pets! Though you might be running your blog all on your own, don’t forget to celebrate your relationships in your posts! From sharing snippets about your family to holding contests for your customers, make sure to acknowledge the important people in your life. Interact with your audience as authentically as you can to build a community that will become a sustaining force for your blog.

4. Discover Your Creativity

Some of the most beautiful scrapbook pages come about when you try out a new technique, make a mistake, or simply tune out your inner perfectionist. Though you certainly want to plan your blog posts and follow smart blogging practices, don’t pin yourself down to certain rules while drafting. Let your creative gears run wild—more often than not, you’ll create something truly special.

5. Make It Personal

Scrapbooks provide you with an insider’s look into someone else’s life, which instantly endears you to them. Similarly, sharing “behind the scenes” moments on your blog will help your readers feel more connected to you as a person. Let your readers see what you have going on, whether that means showing sneak peeks of upcoming products, posting pictures of packages ready to be shipped, or giving them a look at your holiday celebrations. Let them feel they are part of your life, and, who knows, you may just make it into their scrapbook one day.

Scrapbooking can help bloggers be better story tellers. Here are five things bloggers can learn from scrapbooking. 

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