Last Call for Tours

Can you believe that in 50 days we will be experiencing such excitement and joy among peers who understand the ins and outs of life as a blogger, freelance agent, and micro business boss lady (or man)?! 

If you didn’t grab your ticket in time, you have one more opportunity to enter for a chance to win one in exchange for hosting a tour on the last day of the conference! But, you must act fast; the deadline is today at 5pm PT!

Here is what you need to know: 

Business Cards: Make vs. Buy

If you have never been to Alt before, you might be surprised to find out that business cards are kind of a big deal! I mean, think about it, this is your one opportunity to meet and mingle with brands, businesses, and other bloggers. What they leave with is a card that will hopefully spark a memory of who you are and what your conversation was like.

One thing that comes up every conference is whether to make or buy business cards, so we thought it would be fun to help you break it down with a pro/con list:

Alt Chat Wednesday: How to Appreciate Your Community

Blogging can be a creative outlet, a way to make money, and a place to build community. While we blog for a variety of reasons, all reasons have something in common. We blog for a better or fuller life.

Before taking a break to spend time with family, join us on Twitter Wednesday November 25, 2015 at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM GMT. We’ll be chatting about enjoying what you do, showing appreciation for your community, and more.

Being Professional

Whether you’re an influencer or a growing into a brand, people you want to partner with are looking for and value professionalism, kindness and respect. Best business practices always apply, even when your live primarily online. This includes attention to writing and grammar, polite interactions, a positive tone and respectful requests. 

Follow these five tips and you won’t go wrong!

New Year, New Conference

December is a busy month and its always a good idea to think ahead: November is the perfect time to start planning for the new year! Alt Summit Winter takes place in January, and if you are thinking about a brand redesign or tweaking those business cards now is the time to do it.

But don’t feel overwhelmed by all the ideas. With some practical goal setting and time management you will be on your way to being prepared for the new year. Below are tips for setting goals and getting things done for the upcoming conference and year.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Celebrating the Holidays on Your Blog

Can you believe the holidays are fast approaching? Regardless of whether or not you share holiday specific content on your blog or social media, it’s important to think about how the holidays can affect your workflow.


Join Minted, one of our Alt Winter 2016 sponsors, and the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday November 18 at 9AM PST/12PM EST/5PM GMT for an hour-long chat about bringing the holidays home. And read on for seven simple things you can do to keep the holidays from overwhelming you.

Friday Links: Event Aspiration

Earlier this week we talked about goal setting for a business retreat, conference, or event that you might be attending in the near future. But we also wanted to mention that you should keep an open and flexible mind when it comes to what you might consider a retreat, conference, or event.

Sure we want everyone to come to Alt Summit (especially since this is the last one at The Grand America), but we are also so proud to see our Alt Alums utilize the connections they have made to gather together in smaller settings. Here are just a few.