coLAB Roundup Number Four

This is the fourth round up post in celebration of all the projects that came from coLAB. You can find out more about what coLAB is here, which teams won here, four season-inspired posts here, four healthy living posts here, and four family centered posts here.

Alt Summit has always been community centered, everything we do is to further support our community and bring your dreams into reality. So when we see you go beyond your blogs and businesses to help support your personal communities, it brings such a smile to our faces. This next group of coLAB projects focuses on community outreach and support.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Curating Your Aesthetic for a Remarkable Brand

When it comes to building a brand there are lots of choices we make consciously and unconsciously. Here are eight steps you can take to curate your aesthetic so that it reflects who you are today.

Join us this Wednesday September 30 on Twitter at 9AM PDT / 12 PM EDT / 4PM GMT to chat about how to find your aesthetic; how to curate your work and social media to reflect that aesthetic; how to communicate that aesthetic with brands and potential collaboration partners; and more.

Friday Links: Autumn All Around

Now that fall is officially here, the web has exploded with pumpkins, wreaths, and goodies to eat. So the real question is, how do you make projects that stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips that might help you navigate that question. And for more autumn posting inspiration, please head on over to our Pinterest Board and feel free to leave us links in the comment section if you have posted about fall so that we can pin it, too!

coLAB Roundup Number Three

This is the third roundup post in celebration of all the projects that came from coLAB. You can find out more about what coLAB is here, which teams won here, four season-inspired posts here, and healthy living posts here.

Family is most definitely an evergreen topic. We all came from families, have experience with families (good or bad), and look for ways to educate, overcome, and celebrate the family bond. This next group took that theme and produced thoughtfully creative pieces that will stand the test of time.

First Round of Speakers!

We are putting together the most info-packed and interesting conference agenda possible. Which means if you applied to speak, watch your inbox, because we still have a lot of YES emails to send.  

In the meantime, if you would like a sneak peek of the speaker list, you will be glad to hear we started posting bios and photos on the Alt Winter speaker page. Go take a look!

4 Tips for Improving Smart Phone Photography

Phone photography is versatile, lightweight, and increasingly common in capturing everyday moments. While full sized cameras still have their place in photo shoots, smart phones can beautifully capture family, life, and quick photo styling moments for social media.

Here are four tips for working with your iPhone camera.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Generating Excitement for Your Work

You work hard. So why shouldn’t you be excited about what you do? And why shouldn’t others share that excitement? Join #AltChat on Twitter this Wednesday September 23 at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 4PM GMT as we talk about how you can get your community excited about projects you’re working on. 

Effortless reveals don’t just happen. They take practice and planning (just like successful photo shoots!). A great idea. Impeccable execution. Gorgeous images. Here are seven steps for sharing what you do.


The Secret to A Successful Photo Shoot

Successful photo shoots have one shared characteristic. They all involve planning. Want to increase the likelihood your content will be shared? Before you begin taking any photos, start with the end in mind. 

Here are four things to do when planning and executing your photo shoots.

Where to Go for Style Making Props

What makes a signature style? Is it the angle from where the photographer shoots? Is it the fact that the image has low- or high-key lighting?

Often what makes an image or series of images immediately identifiable are the props. So where do Alt community members find their props? In a recent AltChat we asked them just that. Here are some of their favorite shops for memorable, on brand, eye-catching props.