Alt Chat Wednesday: Creating a Signature Look with Props

In today’s media landscape and world of constant sharing on social media, your visuals need to say you. And simply adding a watermark isn’t enough. For images that are unique to you, you want elements such as colors and props that become your signature.

Join us Wednesday September 2, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT on Twitter to chat about how you brand the images you publish on your site and share to social media. We’ll be talking about what makes up a signature look, sharing some of our favorite spots for props, and more.  

Before we chat about the specifics of what is in your images, take a moment to focus on how you’re taking your images. Here are six ways to strengthen your visual branding.

Connecting with the Alt Community (and Last Chance to Speak at Alt Winter 2016)

Did Kelly’s post yesterday get you thinking about your expertise and how you share it with the Alt Community? Here are a few steps you can take today as well as a reminder that you have until August 31st to submit your proposal for speaking at Alt Winter 2016.

Evaluating Expertise

It is often hard to realize how much you know about a subject when you are in the thick of it. This was especially hard for me to comprehend as a teacher. All those little eyes looking up at me, believing with their whole heart that I knew everything about the world. In truth, none of us know everything, but we are all experts in what we practice on a daily basis. So if you find yourself answering friend’s questions about Instagram like a pro, setting up a photo shoot while talking to your grandma about the news, or dominating a conversation about social media best practices, then chances are you are an expert. Just in case, here are three areas with corresponding questions to evaluate your expertise.

Alt Chat Wednesday: The Art of Decluttering

Starting a new project can be challenging. We have clutter—both emotional and physical—getting in our way. Here are three steps to help you prepare your mind and space for new projects. Then join us Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT on Twitter. We’ll discuss how to prepare for a new project, whether it’s clearing your mind or preparing your workspace or both. We’ll also cover the challenges of working in small or shared spaces and how to stay organized.

New Clients, Part 2: Offering Services

Below are six roles a social media influencer can play in helping brands get started on developing a social media presence. Once you understand each, you can decide which of these options are services that you could provide. Watch for an upcoming post about more in-depth ways brands can utilize influencers. 

New Clients: The First Conversation

Begin by having a conversation with your potential client to established desired outcomes. There’s a vast difference between hiring someone to set up your Twitter account and hiring someone to manage your Twitter account and your potential client might not know this. Though both are projects for which you could be hired, each comes with a different price tag and time commitment. Here are three things to consider during the first conversation with a new client. 

Alt Chat Wednesday: The In’s And Out’s of Working with Brands

Working with brands can propel a standard blog into a full-time business and successful career. But getting started and knowing who to approach can be very intimidating and quite overwhelming. So here are seven steps to help you get started working with brands. Then join us Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT on Twitter. We’ll discuss how to approach brands, what skills equate to a successful partnership, what brands look for, and more.