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June is coming! And that means Alt Summer in Salt Lake City. 70 days to be exact!

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Beginning: Advice Beyond “Just Start”

When asked where do you start? Successful bloggers often utter the phrase “just get started.” Easier said than done, I agree.

So where do you start? I’m sharing my two tricks for taking action along with five resources that will help you find a conversational writing style, choose tools for staying organized, implement an editorial calendar to keep momentum, and more.

Friday Links: A Clean and Clear, Creative Workspace

Working from home – as most bloggers do – can be a challenging task at best. Then, mix in an unorganized and cluttered office and you have yourself a little cave of stress. Nobody wants that. Ideally your office should reflect the same zeal and feel that your brand represents. When your environment is clean, organized, and stylish, your work will follow suit.

These five bloggers are doing it right when it comes to organizing with style.

Five Ways to Break Up with Procrastination

Procrastination is the worst. You do it, I do it, we all do it. But, why do we do it? And what is it doing to our self worth? It is like that frenemy that just keeps coming back. You enjoy them in the moment, but as soon as they leave you realize the damage that has been done.

Here are five ways you can break up with procrastination and feel better!

Alt Chat Wednesday: Choosing Your Own Path

Almost every day I see another seemingly overnight success story. The sound byte repeated: do what you love and success will follow. The truth is success follows hustle, perseverance, and countless iterations. And we only learn this by striking out on our own with a strong support network.

Join us Wednesday March 25th  (tomorrow) for #AltChat, our weekly Twitter chat, at 9AM PT/12PM ET. For an hour we’ll be chatting about why we do what we do, how we keep up our momentum when we’re not an overnight success, what do we do when we need to make our own path, and more.

When Doing What You Love Becomes Routine

As creative entrepreneurs we follow our passions, often taking what we love and turning it into a business. And sometimes, also transforming our passion into a routine.

Last Wednesday, members of the Alt Community chatted on Twitter about how to avoid burn out and what to do if your passion is now a chore. What follows are ten ways creatives break out of the routine. Did we miss any? How do you keep your passion fresh? 

Friday Links: Slow Down and Declutter

In the world of blogging and small business, there is an awful lot of chatter about hustle. If you want to make it big, bring your dreams to fruition, become internet famous – all you have to do is hustle. Hustle online, hustle behind the scenes, hustle while you sleep and, oh yeah, look refreshed, breezy, and effortless while doing it.

But is all this hustle actually slowing us down?

How Does It Work: hashtags

In the online world everything moves so quickly and sometimes it is hard to keep caught up on what things are, how they work, and how they can be used to benefit your goals. We get that.

So, we are starting a new column called How Does It Work. Today, we are talking about hashtags.  Got a practice you want to see covered? Tell us! We want to cover what you want to know.

Maintenance 101: Making Progress on Your Goals

Spring is the perfect time to take a step back and look at what you’re doing, evaluate what is and isn’t working, and change if necessary. This Spring, we’re kicking off a special Maintenance 101 series to help you take your business to the next level and to help you knock your 2015 goals out of the park.

We start off with what you can do this week to make progress on your goals.