Alt Chat Wednesday: Jumpstarting Collaborations

It’s often said two heads are better than one. When you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small business that second head takes the form of collaboration. But how do you incorporate collaboration into your process? Where do you find potential partners? And when you find them, how do you approach them?

Join the Alt community and our co-host La Crema, a long-time collaborator with Alt, on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about collaboration. 

Collaboration Requires an Open Mind from Brands and Bloggers

Successful collaborations — those that meet the needs of all involved, brands, social media influencers, and audience — require two things. Flexibility and open mindedness. Both of which are only possible when both parties listen, listen, and listen.

Learn how collaboration begins with the pitch and get tips for finessing it to be a win-win for all involved.

Friday Links: Partnership Building at its Best

Here at Alt we love hearing success stories of creatives who came to our conference and left with a business partner, mentor, or solid tribe. These relationships can make the biggest difference in a career path and skyrocket potential, outreach, and exposure. 

Here are three examples of the magic that happens at Alt. 

Alt Winter 2015 Mini Parties, Part 2

If you can’t tell, we love mini parties around here. This year six out of the nine rooms were created by bloggers and sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Each room had one or two elements that brought the entire evening together.

Get comfortable as we take you on a room-by-room tour of these spaces!

Fostering New Relationships from a Conference

Relationships are one of the best perks of participating in a conference, right alongside the information gained. And the most crucial thing you need to do post-conference is to begin building the relationships you started while you were there.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to build better relationships just because you didn’t put in a little effort to follow up. Eight tips to ensure your follow up nets results.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Setting Up Successful Partnerships and the Next Instagram Challenge

The right partnerships start with you. Knowing your strengths and core competencies and then partnering with others who compliment those strengths and competencies.

Join the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST for an hour-long chat about partnerships. We will be talking about how you identify your strengths, showcase your strengths for potential partners, and more. There will also be a chance to win tickets to Alt Summer for you and a friend!

When Collaborating Up, Make Your Offer Attractive

Collaborating “up” or collaborating with a much larger brand or more influential social media influencer than your brand, is attractive for obvious reasons. Their larger audience offers you great exposure and their partnership also lends credibility to your brand.

But if you’re hoping to work with someone with a wider reach than your own, you have to bring a lot to the table, including your most creative thinking. A couple of tips for making your offer attractive to a prospective collaborator.