Adaptability and Flexibility: Crucial Skills for Success Today

Today’s changing media landscape redefines what success looks like and feels like. Success today means viewing our blogs as media businesses if we want to continue doing what we love or turn a hobby into a full-time job. Our future success depends on our ability to be flexible and our willingness to adapt.

See how creatives are embracing lack of control and adopting a culture of learning to reach their goals. 

Bring it, Pack it

Packing for a conference is often an ignored task. Many of us procrastinate, tossing items into a suitcase shortly before we hop on a plane. But packing need not be stressful and can be fun. 

What gear do you bring with you? A DSLR? A point-and-shoot? Do you need your laptop or tablet? What you bring depends on you–how you learn and what you hope to achieve. Here’s some gear to think about bringing in your carry on as well as a packing list to help you plan and organize your clothes.

Dinners for Alt Winter 2015 Open Soon

We know you’re ready to snag a spot to a Wednesday Night Dinner. It involves amazing people and delicious food, so who wouldn’t be excited? 

Here are the step-by-step instructions to guarantee you get a reservation when registration opens today at 12pm MST. Keep in mind that while individual dinners have limits on number of guests, there is room for everyone to attend a Wednesday night dinner. Be sure to have a couple of options, in case your first choice is already full.

Three Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Card

Business cards are an entrepreneur’s best friend. They tell people you meet who you are and what you do. They may even give the person a glimpse into your personality. Whether you run your own business, contribute to a blog, or work for someone else, here are three reasons why you should have your own business card.

Alt Winter 2015 Wait List, Refund Policy, and More

With less than 30 days until Alt Summit Winter 2015 we have details we need to share, like our refund policy (you have until December 30th), wait list, and upcoming Wednesday Dinners. For those still without a ticket, we have some exciting news, a holiday Instagram challenge.

30 Days Until Alt Winter 2015 and a Giveaway

Can you believe it is only 30 days until Alt Summit Winter 2015? Maybe you have been a little preoccupied with the holidays to notice. 

If you don’t yet have your ticket and you don’t want to count on Santa, here’s your chance to win a ticket to Alt Summit! Be sure to act quickly as the Instagram contest closes Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at Midnight PST.

Friday Links: Prioritizing Goals and Tasks

Thirty three days out from Alt Summit Winter (and two weeks from the start of a new year) you may be feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of setting goals and scheduling your time. First, take a deep breath. Realize no one can do it all. Then check out these resources (video, downloadable PDF, and more) to prioritize your goals.

If you’ve attended Alt Summit previously and are working through your post-Alt intentions we have a checklist that can help! 

Party Fashion Inspired by Downton Abbey

Here at Alt we love themed parties. The interpretations are endless and we enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity. With this year’s Downton Abbey theme, we’re looking forward to your Modern Twist on the Twenties.

Will you be inspired by a character? Or details of lace, fringe, and beading? Here’s a mood board to get ideas flowing.

Party Time! Alt Summit Winter 2015

After a full day of inspiring speakers, attendees at this year’s Alt Summit Winter in January will be treated to an elegant affair. Courtesy of Alt Summit and La Crema guests will be wined and dined while surrounded by fresh flowers, lavish linens, and proper everything inspired by Downton Abbey.

But the fun doesn’t end there! More surprises and fun await attendees on at the mini parties on Friday night at the close of the conference.