Friday Links: Halloween DIYs from Alt Alumni

Chances are you’ve been here: up against a deadline and a DIY goes incredibly wrong or the photos aren’t up to par. You may be tempted to just to post it anyway. But don’t. Holidays come around every year, and the last thing you need is to regret a great idea executed poorly.

Today we’re rounding up some of our favorite Halloween DIYs from Alt alumni. Enjoy the eye candy! 

Attending Conferences 101: Perfecting the Elevator Pitch

Talking about ourselves is often the hardest task we tackle as creatives. We so want to make a good first impression that we stumble trying to remember words to an “elevator pitch.” An elevator pitch is a thirty second or less, one to two sentence summary of who we are and what we do. It’s a verbal summary of our story. And the secret to getting better at telling our own story? Stumbling through a few awkward exchanges in front of an encouraging, receptive, supportive community like Alt.

Creating Community

As creatives we are incredibly lucky. We can create the type of community we want to see more of in the world, communities that are welcoming and encouraging. 

What is the secret to building these supportive communities? Especially communities that are primarily online? Being kind, professionally and personally, considering where others are coming from, and promoting others are a piece of the answer. Our community shared ten simple actions you can take to build the community you want to see.

Alt Chat Wednesday: The Power of Thank You

Growing up the necessity of saying thank you when someone did something nice for us or gave us something we wanted was drilled into us. While we may automatically utter the phrase, we maybe missing why gratitude was important.

Incorporating a regular gratitude practice into your routine may actually increase happiness, improve your health, and yield more successes. Join us on Twitter Wednesday, October 29th 9AM PT/12PM ET to discuss the impact of gratitude on your business.  

90 Days Until Party Time

Can you believe it’s less than 90 days until we’ll all be in Salt Lake City? From now until then we’ll be sharing details weekly, amping up the excitement. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news first, like two opportunities to help shape Alt Summit Winter. Throw a mini-party with two of your friends. Lead a tour of Salt Lake City. Want to make Alt Summit Winter great? Don’t wait too long.

Advertising 101: Getting Started with Ad Networks

When creatives begin thinking of transitioning their blogs from hobby to full-time job, advertising often comes to mind first. If you’re considering making the leap, follow three tips to maximize your revenue opportunities and consider one of these five popular ad networks.

Get in the Game – Gaining the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Dreamers and thinkers see life differently. Dreamers wonder; they create movement from one experience or idea to another. Thinkers take an idea and dissect its possibilities into tangible scenarios. The trick to gaining the mindset of an entrepreneur is to actively engage with both desires.

Alt Chat Wednesday: Finding Balance

The new American Dream is doing what you love or finding and following your passion. But few of us seem to be able to find balance while doing this. Wednesday October 22nd on Twitter at 9AM PT/12PM ET, we’ll be attempting to define balance and discussing the challenges of finding balance when doing what you love. Do you think we can have it all? Is there such a thing as balance?