The Winner of Our Scarf Design Contest is…

We, along with fashionABLE, asked you to design scarves to make a difference for women in Ethiopia and you did. Over 100 designs were submitted. We then asked you to vote for your favorite scarf design. And the results are in. 

It was a tie! 

The two winners were the Zeritu scarf (shown on the left in the photos) designed by Hannah Coulson and the Tigist scarf (shown on the right in the photos) designed by Drew Pistilli.

Want one or both of these scarves? In love with the Genet scarf designed by Janette Crawford of Fashion Loves People that won our first scarf contest back in January 2013? Here is your chance to get all three! Head over to KickStarter to learn how.

Please help us share the news about these beautiful scarves. fashionABLE has created a Share page with sample Tweets and graphics for you to use. Thanks for helping get the word out!

Announced during the January 2013 Alt Summit, Alter Your World is a project where we contribute to make the world a better place and recognize whether our actions whether big or small do good.

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