Sharing Offline Experiences Live

By: Eden Hensley Photos by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Can you believe we are less than a week away from the start of our online conference Alt for Everyone? Are you excited yet? We sure are. If you have not yet gotten your ticket yet, check out our line up of speakers and secure your seat.

Now is the perfect time to let your community know you are attending, especially if you are planning on sharing your learning live online. Whenever you are changing up the type of information you are sharing or the frequency at which you share, it is good practice to let your community know. This advance notice gives your followers a chance to temporarily mute your streams or temporarily unfollow and follow again after the event.

Here are ten tips for how to best share your event experience online:

  1. Tell your followers ahead of time that you will be attending an event and sharing your learnings live. Be clear about what channels you will be using so that they can tune in. Crafting a blog post and including a link to it occasionally throughout the event will give followers context for your updates.
  2. On each platform you plan to share from live, start following your speakers. This ensures you are giving credit to the right person during the conference. (You can unfollow them after the conference is over.)
  3. When posting, use both our event hashtag #AltforEveryone and our main hashtag #AltSummit. (On Twitter the #AltSummit hashtag displays your tweets on the Alt Summit home page.)
  4. Monitor both hashtags to see what other attendees are posting. If you are not the first to share a takeaway, retweet or repost the other person’s update, or revise your takeaway to be original and unique.
  5. If speakers have a session-specific hashtag, include if possible.
  6. Tag speakers when you paraphrase or quote them. After sessions, speakers often review their social feeds to see how their session was received. If you have tagged them, they may retweet or repost your takeaway.
  7. Schedule tweets and/or Facebook status updates in advance where possible, for example at the start and the end of each day or right as sessions you are looking forward to are starting.
  8. Before hitting publish, think about whether your tweet, Facebook status update, or Instagram photo adds to the event experience. Is your tip useful, unusual, unique?
  9. Respond to people who follow up your updates with questions.
  10. Thank anyone who shares your updates live.

Do you share takeaways from events you attend live? What tips do you have for keeping followers engaged throughout the event?

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