Organization 101: Maximizing Efficiency Online

By: Eden Hensley Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Working as a solo entrepreneur or member of a small team it is easy to get overwhelmed. Hours stretch out in front of us at the start of the day leading us to believe there is plenty of time. Yet how often does the end of the day arrive and you wonder where did the time go? 

Each day there are little things we do that over time when added up limit our productivity. Here are four recommendations that may help eliminate some common time wasting activities, like looking for misplaced photographs or lost drafts. 

  1. Establish a schedule that allows you to balance your workload. When you work for yourself, you can accidentally overcommit yourself thinking you have more time than you actually do. Maddy of Splendid Supply gives five tips for managing your time.
  2. Use online tools to keep track of must read content and content you want to share. Victoria of A Subtle Revelry reveals two of her favorite online organization programs for keeping her social media feeds and links she wants to share at her finger tips. Another program to consider in addition to Victoria’s suggestions is Flipboard. If you’re not yet using Flipboard to power your blog, be sure to attend the upcoming free eCourse two weeks from today, September 29th at 1PM PT/4PM ET.
  3. Set social media boundaries and focus on a balance between online and offline connections. Ciera of Ciera Design offers tips for staying connected and inspired without totally getting overwhelmed.
  4. Store your digital images consistently. If you save photos to one folder one day and to another folder another day, you undoubtedly forget where a specific image is when you need it. Justin Hackworth shares three ideas for keeping your photos organized and reducing the amount of time you spend searching for the right visual.

When you are feeling overwhelmed how do you step back and get your to do list back under control? If you are interested in hearing more techniques for avoiding becoming overwhelmed, be sure to select the Overcome Overwhelm session during Alt for Everyone on Thursday, September 25 at 3:45PM PT/6:45PM ET led by Hilary Rushford and Whitney English.

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