Content 101: Publishing Consistently

By: Eden Hensley Top Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit Publish or perish does not just apply to academics. In today’s content-driven media landscape this adage applies to bloggers and creatives as well. How do you keep generating idea after idea and producing quality content consistently? Planning and scheduling. And that’s where an editorial calendar […]

The Winner of Our Scarf Design Contest is…

We, along with fashionABLE, asked you to design scarves to make a difference for women in Ethiopia and you did. Over 100 designs were submitted. We then asked you to vote for your favorite scarf design. And the results are in.  It was a tie!  The two winners were the Zeritu scarf (shown on the […]

What to Expect at Alt for Everyone Fall 2014

By: Eden Hensley Photos by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit When you attend an Alt conference, be prepared to be overwhelmed. Speakers pack sessions full of practical tips for stepping up your game, so much information that you cannot take it all in. Whether online or in person, there are three things you can do […]

Alt Chat Wednesday: Lifelong Learning

By: Eden Hensley Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit Most of us are constantly learning, whether intentional or not. As we pursue our passions and share them with our readers, we often desire additional skills to round out our stories. If our strength is prose, we look to improve our visuals through design or […]