The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Your Blog Irresistible to Brands

By: Cynthia Zamaria  Photo by: Ciera Design

During my working hours, I’m a marketer agency in Toronto. Part of my role is helping clients identify people like you who they can collaborate with. So I have an interesting perspective when it comes to matchmaking bloggers and brands.

As a blogger, I know we all do this for various reasons – to create, to connect, to make money. Indeed, studies indicate that a large majority of bloggers are looking to gain some form of compensation from their labor of love. This is a good thing because increasingly companies are ready to pay you for your efforts.

So when brands look at all the talented bloggers out there, what sets you apart? With the benefit of sitting at the table where we evaluate bloggers on behalf of some pretty cool brands, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you want to stand out.

• Do focus on driving traffic to your site. Brands look for bloggers with good influence and high unique monthly visitors.

• Do work on your social networks. Companies want to know you have extensive reach and are engaged on other social platforms outside of your blog like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

• Do spend time designing a professional-looking site with lots of beautiful visuals.

• Do amplify the reach of the content on your blog by pushing it out on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

• Do guest blog on blogger networks to increase your exposure.

• Do be an active blogger. Post regularly. Answer comments. Link to other blogs. Participate in conferences.

• Do enter blogger contests or submit your blog for awards so you can get additional credentials.

• Do be true to yourself. Brands want to work with you because you have a point-of-view and are happy to share it.

• Be transparent. Ethics are as important to brands as they are to you. Be clear about the companies you are working with so your readers know.

• Do establish a social voice. Think about your personality, tone and style of writing. Deliver it consistently.

• Do follow, comment and engage with the brands you are interested in. If you love a particular product or company, become a fan and be a part of the conversation.

• Don’t try to be all things to all people. Keep your interests focused as brands are often looking for expertise in specific topics like food, home, family.

• Don’t get stuck in your ways. Continue to evolve your blog so it looks fresh and current.

• Don’t expect to get paid for everything you do. Not all brands are willing to offer compensation for your input but they may offer other benefits like product or exposure through their network.

• Don’t sell your soul. If you promote every brand that comes your way, your authenticity will be diminished in the eyes of a potential sponsor.

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