Celebrate Motherhood in May and Win a Ticket to Alt SLC

By: Melanie Blodgett Remember the riveting presentation from the women behind Every Mother Counts at Alt in January? We hope you’re still feeling inspired to join the cause and we’re delighted to partner with EMC in May to celebrate Motherhood Around the World. To help us celebrate, we’re asking you to take two minutes to do something to promote motherhood. That’s […]

Using Pinterest Even If Your Blog Isn’t Very Visual

By guest contributor Monica Lee.  Think it might be time to give your blog and brand a face-lift? Monica asks blogger Rachel Faucett, of Handmade Charlotte, about how to create pinnable images, even if you aren’t image heavy. Don’t forget to check out Rachel in the lineup of Alt For Everyone next month and grab […]

How To Grow Readership With Photography

By: Evi Abeler Great content has been essential for all blogs since the beginning. But great photography is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. A beautiful, well-styled picture can elevate your blog, capture your audience and create media attention. Also social media loves images and can’t get enough of them!  Image Strategy Whether you […]

3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Relationships Stronger

By: Erin Newkirk, of Red Stamp Photo by: Brooke Dennis Relationships are the #1 competitive advantage in any business. Being an in the know and the go-to gal or guy sends countless opportunities your way. The great news is that making critical relationships stronger is hardly an arduous task. It’s all about modern etiquette + […]