Create A Tradition Of Expressing Gratitude

By: Sara Urquhart  Image by: Justin Hackworth It’s both common and expected to thank someone for their kindness and help in the moment it’s been given but I believe it’s powerful to also follow up later to let someone know their actions affected you in a significant way. A “thank you” in the moment is […]

Five Popular Ways To Use Flipboard Magazines

By Todd Lappin You’re not just a blogger or content publisher — you’re a media brand. Content is the tool you use to make your brand come to life, which means that in addition to a blog, you may also share content via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Each expresses your brand in a distinctive way, […]

Attending Conferences 101: When You’re Full You’re Full

By: Sara Urquhart  Photo by: Justin Hackworth Each Alt Summit is a similar, but distinct event, and each offers me new lessons and insights about planning and executing events, about how our Alt community works, and about human nature. Since September’s Alt for Everyone, I’ve been thinking a lot about those lessons, and I’ll be […]

Contributing Links

By: Melanie Blodgett Photo by: Ma and Grandy – The perks of being a freelance contributor ( – What a panel of experienced contributors has to say ( – How to present your work ( – How to pitch your dream project ( – 5 tips on how to email the big names ( – […]