What Is Branding And How Does It Apply To My Blog?

 By: Susan Brinson  Photo by: House Of Brinson  For a moment, let’s take a step back and say: what is branding? For those of us in the advertising industry, it’s a word that is used a lot. Dare I say, it might even be over used.  Back in the day the term ‘identity’ was used, […]

Do You Participate in Twitter Parties?

@alt: Do you attend twitter parties? #seesaw #altchannel From large brand run twitter parties to cozy twitter chats, do you participate? By: Jenny Batt Photo by: Justin Hackworth  Tweet. Tweet. Whether it’s a small chat on Twitter about how to be an awesome blogger (follow @altsummit and check out the topics every Wednesday) or a […]

Blog Branding And Design Resources

 By: Susan Brinson  Photo By: House Of Brinson One thing blogging has taught me is the art of staying inspired, constantly. It’s a lot of work to keep up with the latest info, or find a trusted resource. Here are my favorite resources for staying informed and inspired about blogging, branding and design.  1. Braid […]