Get Started! It’s The Only Way To Start

By: Sara Urquart.  Photo by: Kameron Elisabeth.  It can be daunting to think of joining the blogging community as a professional, but there is plenty of room for new bloggers who are willing to work. My advice to anyone who’s thinking about getting started as a blogger is to simply start. Choose a platform (Blogger, WordPress, […]

Wanna Make Money From Your Blog? Make An Editorial Calendar

By: Chris Gardner. Photo by: Scott Ellis

 Your blog needs an editorial calendar for two important reasons: one, it helps you stay organized, provides motivation to get your work done, and all that important productivity stuff. And two? It helps you make money.

Having a consistency to your content is what makes it enjoyable to read, and also what makes it profitable. When you know what you’re going to write about, your audience knows what you’re going to write about, and you can tell advertisers what you’re going to write about, and they’re going to want to pay you to do it, because they know what they’re going to get.