Making Your New Blog Successful

By: Kelly Beall. Photo by Sandra Freij

Starting a blog is awesome, I think we can all agree. But what are some of the steps you should be taking to grow your audience after you pull the trigger and hit publish? Here are some tips and tricks and that will get you headed in the right direction!

Stand out! Blogs are a dime a dozen, doing something unique and/or giving your site its own voice (yours!) will take you places. Here are 5 steps to stand out from the competition.

Networking With Authenticity

By: Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Justin Hackworth If a phrase like, “Your network is your net worth,” sounds painfully cliché, it’s probably because, like most clichés, it’s quite true. The value of networking in today’s business and blogging world is undeniable. From the beginning, the intention of Alt has been to build bloggers’ networks. Networking […]

Set Yourself Up For Success

By: Jennifer Little

Today is all about making your shoots at home as successful as possible. I hope to offer you some tips that will make your family shoots work for you so that you are happy with your photos for years to come.

Clear the Clutter

Keep the background and foreground simple and free of distractions. Let the focus of your photo be on your subjects. Remove miscellaneous toys, laundry, snacks and groceries from the photo. Feel free to keep large-scale architectural elements such as lamps, accessories and artwork in the photo as long as they don’t render all the attention. Clean photos will give you a fresh modern feel.

Alt Summer Conferences: Be Ready

By: Sara Urquhart The Alt summer conferences offer so many opportunities for building your business and your network. Be prepared to make the most of them with these suggestions. 1. Know what you want. You’ll get the most out of Alt by establishing clear intentions. Are you hoping to meet new friends, collaborators, or business […]

Great Inspiring Family Photography Blogs

By: Jennifer Little Because you can never have too much inspiration, I have posted a few blogs that are amazing at capturing family at home. The Glow You are my wild Katie’s Pencil Box Pink Pistachio Little Household (our family blog) And because you can never read too much on how your camera operates, I […]