Introduce Yourself Like a Pro

By: Sara Urquhart. Image by: Justin Hackworth

As an entrepreneur, you have to be your best representative for your work, your brand, and your projects, and that means introducing your business clearly and concisely. Whether you first meet someone in person or online, describing your work succinctly indicates your ideas are solid and informed, and that you’re an articulate, clear thinking professional.

A Style Guide for Bloggers Sponsored by MailChimp

By: Kate Kiefer Lee of MailChimp Artwork by: Belinda Marshall

As your blog grows, you’ll need a style guide to make sure your content is consistent and everyone you’re working with is on the same page. Consistency gives your blog credibility, especially as your audience grows and you start hiring contributors. Style guides don’t have to be elaborate, and websites of any size can benefit from them. Even if you’re the only one writing, it helps to have a simple list of guidelines to refer to.

Don’t think of your style guide as a set of rules and regulations—it’s just a handy tool that will make your content more engaging and professional. Here are some tips for creating style standards that work for you.

Pro Tips: The Best Fonts for Web Design

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Alt For Everyone Was Last Week!

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Treating Readers Like Valued Customers

By: Sara Urquhart. Photography by: The Light Fantastic We’ve all experienced the joy of a great customer experience and the frustration of a lousy one. When you’re selling goods, offering a product, or have a brick-and-mortar store, paying attention to customer service is obvious. But the fundamentals of customer service also apply to blogging, where […]

Thinking of Starting a Blog? Great Tips from Chelsea Fuss

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